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If you’re searching for affordable local SEO services done by a reliable local search engine optimization consultant in the Philippines, you’re in the right place!

I help my overseas and Filipino clients improve their SEO for local visibility. I provide local businesses with the best and affordable services from local SEO audits to multi-location SEO, so they rank higher on Google maps as well as the localized organic search results.

Independent Local SEO Expert in the Philippines

If you’re running an online business, you must have heard of Google SEO and Local SEO. Search engine optimization or SEO is a vital tool in the digital marketing world. Most of the top companies in the industry have used it to boost their product marketing.

Local SEO is the best tool and service that will make businesses appear on the top of the searches. With effective SEO, you will get the most out of your website’s organic traffic that will likely result in more sales, leads, clients, and revenue.

As technology advances, local businesses integrate it with their marketing strategies. Today, you might see your favorite local restaurant, locksmith or even furniture movers in Google’s map pack or search results. That is how competitive the local SEO scene is. And if you’re still not doing it right, you’re losing a lot of money!

Single or multi-location local business SEO?

I can help you regardless if you are a local business that has locations in several cities or runs a single location business. I have been assisting companies in ranking in the maps, map packs and organic search results for years now and still doing so.

I have been working with clients in a wide range of industries like dental offices, locksmiths, electricians, movers, chiropractors, lawyers, rhinoplasty, etc…you name it! I can always adjust to my clients’ verticals. I am honest, so I will let you know right away if I can’t take your project.

I help my clients with a reliable local SEO strategy that includes:

  • Expert local search engine optimization
  • Localized content for on-page and off-page optimization
  • Local business schema implementation
  • Citation audit, local business citation building, cleanup and maintenance
  • Local link building campaign for local business SEO
  • Reputation management and online review monitoring
  • Lead generation to drive phone calls – PPC advertising
  • Social media marketing and campaigns for qualified leads
  • Conversion rate optimization
    Analysis and consultancy

Why implement local search engine optimization?

Here are five things why you should implement localized digital marketing strategies for your local business.

To become more visible and easily searchable online. Online visibility is crucial for both potential and past clients or customers to find your business as quickly as possible. This will result in new leads and increased brand awareness.

Without a localized digital marketing strategy, a local company will have no direction. Every local business just like international brands needs a digital marketing strategy to guide them in achieving their goals of:
  1. An overall increase in sales
  2. Helping clients/customers find directions to the storefront
  3. Increased website visits
  4. Increased local brand awareness

Today, people perform online searches first before visiting the storefront or buying a product. They search online for a few reviews of a company’s services and products.

Ratings and reviews from huge review sites like Yelp and Google My Business usually affect the online sales and conversions of a business. A well-thought through and planned local search engine optimization strategy keep and maintain online reviews and ratings in good standing.

Without a localized digital marketing strategy, a local business selling digital assets or services loses a lot of sales and earnings. As I mentioned above, the digital age encourages real buyers and customers to check on a company’s product or service before purchasing or subscribing.

A good, localized digital marketing strategy fosters customer loyalty to the brand. Through the local business’ social media, customers will become more engaged and updated with the company, employees, events, features, and of course, its products. This strategy will ultimately lead to new customers as loyal customers share the business’ content with their family and friends.

Why my clients prefer my local SEO solutions?

There are many local SEO service providers in the world, but my clients choose me and work with me for years due to a few reasons. These are:

When I take a client in, I treat their site as if it was mine. I believe this is a good thing because I put my best interest as my top priority. After all, the success of my client’s business directly impacts mine.

SEO is not easy, and it certainly isn’t about making your site rank at any cost. It’s about helping your website achieve the quality search engines are rewarding.

When you work with me, rest assured that all my methods are ethical and in line with Google, Bing and Yahoo’s guidelines.

With every client project I’ve handled, I make sure everything I do is documented. This will not only make my work easier but also my clients’.

From site audits down to implementation, I send my clients the reports they need – what’s pending, done and what’s coming up. When you work with me, expect to have a large file of documentation.

I couldn't thank John enough on how he handled our business website. I don't know how he did it, but he fixed our website's technical issues, helped to redesign for conversion, tweaked on-page and fixed business info across major directories. We are now getting more phone calls than ever!
Harry Oleary
Local Business Owner

Free Initial Consultation

I don’t charge for the initial consultation. So if you need a traffic drop assessment, manual penalty removal, in-depth site audit, or help with recovering from an algorithmic penalty such as Panda, Penguin or any core quality update, we can talk and discuss plans first before proceeding!

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