In-depth Website Analysis Service

Massive drop in website search traffic? Lost keyword rankings? Or simply looking to improve your website’s performance even better? Then you need a comprehensive site audit service done by an expert in the industry.

I specialize in analyzing and auditing websites to improve their quality in ways Google will reward. My website assessments include overall SEO health checks covering technical SEO, competitor analysis, link analysis and site content analysis that are in line with Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines.

Manual Website SEO Audit

I pride myself in being extremely in-depth! All reports are manually researched and written that takes me a week of investigation depending on the size of the website and if it needs local SEO.

  • Multiple Site Crawls for Technical SEO Audit
  • Website Structure/Architecture Review
  • Website Speed Analysis
  • Meta Data Checks
  • Google Search Console and Analytics Analysis
  • On-Page Analysis Compared to Competitors
  • Competitor Site Analysis
  • Back Link Analysis
  • Site Content Audit
  • Quality Raters’ Guidelines Assessment

At the end of my site audit, you will get a comprehensive SEO audit report including suggestions for improving your business website

Site Audit Expert John Puno

John Puno is an SEO veteran. He has been in the industry since 2010 and has helped a lot of clients achieve success. His work and SEO strategies are based on data.

Even though John is not an SEO celebrity, he is exceptionally talented and skilled in SEO, especially website audits. He is in constant learning and research to keep up to date with the latest search algorithms, especially Google’s.

John Puno is an independent SEO consultant based in the Philippines. His goal is to help businesses grow by improving their online presence, and of course, make a living.

Case Studies

I love talking about the success both me, and my clients achieve. So, I present to you some of the businesses who have followed and implemented the suggestions in my reports.

Core Algorithm Update Recovery

This local dental website provides dental services throughout a particular state in the US. The site got hit hard by the August 1, 2018 Core Update or better known as the “Medic” Core Update.

They followed my recommendations on improving user experience, overall website page speed, removing thin content, improving E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) and optimizing their Google My Business page.

Although their implementation was slow, look at the recovery now. Read more about this case study here.


Another Core Algorithm Update Recovery

Just like the website above, this e-commerce website struck by the “Medic” Update. It suffered about 24% loss in organic traffic.

The good thing is they implemented my recommendations of removing thin and irrelevant content, improve E-A-T and on-page SEO.

Not only did the website recovered, but it also kept gaining organic traffic and search rankings on every update that Google rolls out.


E-commerce Website with Huge Improvements

This e-com website was handed to me early July of 2018. They weren’t specifically hit by any algorithmic penalties and were just only looking to improve their business. However, their competitors are way ahead of them, and they wanted to be at least running head-to-head.

After implementing my recommendations for improving on-page, link cleanup, add quality content to money pages, and fix technical issues, they saw a huge increase. They are now on top of their competition.


News Website with Improved E-A-T and On-page SEO

This news website is about racing covering a particular sport. It came to me back in May of 2018; it was almost stagnant until the August 1, 2018 Core Update.

This client of mine followed the implementation of improved E-A-T and on-page SEO, added important pages and link cleanup. This news website continued to show improvements in organic rankings and traffic.


I couldn't thank John enough on how he handled our business website. I don't know how he did it, but he fixed our website's technical issues, helped to redesign for conversion, tweaked on-page and fixed business info across major directories. We are now getting more phone calls than ever!
Harry Oleary
Local Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t guarantee success for every website that I work on. However, most of my clients did see good results after implementing my recommendations. Click to see my case studies.

No, I manually assess the website and write the reports myself. While I do have some sections taken from my template, most of the information is manually explicitly crafted for your business website.

During my site audits, I use automated site crawlers such as SEMRush, AHREFs, MajesticSEO, Moz, and Screaming Frog to review your site and its competitors quickly. However, this is only a small part of the reports.

For me to quickly and successfully execute and complete your in-depth website analysis, I need you to grant me user access/management to your property’s:

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Google Analytics

Most of my clients run legitimate businesses or have websites that provide real value to their users. Sounds familiar? Then I really should be able to help you.

Yes, I do. However, it depends on how severe your website’s penalty is – is it worth saving the site, put it on a new domain, or just start from scratch? We can talk about it.

It usually takes me about a week to complete my assessment. However, for massive websites, it would take at two weeks max.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have when it comes to the implementation or clarification of the advice given in my report. However, my report does not include ongoing SEO consultation as I offer it as an add-on or a separate service. Contact me for more information.

Free Initial Consultation

I don’t charge for the initial consultation. So if you need a traffic drop assessment, manual penalty removal, in-depth site audit, or help with recovering from an algorithmic penalty such as Panda, Penguin or any core quality update, we can talk and discuss plans first before proceeding!

Get in touch with me using the form, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.